Our policy on photography

We of course understand that many parents, carers or guardians may wish to photograph or video their children when taking part in the Festival.

However, please note that only the official Festival photographer is permitted to take photographs at our events. No unauthorised photography or video recording is permitted.

Where parents, carers or guardians do not wish photos taken at all, then the responsible adult attending should ensure that their child, pupil or vulnerable adult is not included in official, authorised photographs.

We have adopted this position in support of our Child Protection Policy to guard against the possible misuse of images on websites, social networks and in promotional publications.

Our committee accept that many parents may be disappointed by this ruling, but we do hope we have your support and understanding that the welfare of our young Festival participants is of paramount importance.

We regret that any person failing to comply with this policy may be asked to leave the venue.

Should you have a concern regarding photography or filming during the Festival, please contact us through the Festival website or speak directly to the section organiser at the venue. We will be pleased to discuss this matter with you.

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No unauthorised photography or video recording is permitted.